Silk Towers

Nestled between the sea and the old city of Batumi, Silk Towers is a passage through the old and contemporary, offering a countless list of outdoor and indoor activities. The 6-ha site will embody a total of five towers including residential and upscale hotels, a yacht club, a comprehensively distinctive casino with views over the sea, shops, cafes and restaurants, a landscaped park, and other recreational spaces- all in a convenient location. Apart from the impressive architectural scene, which incorporates the inspiration from nature, and balances it with modern elements, places of tranquility will also dominate the Silk Towers landscape. While the residents and guests will have the opportunity to experience the ample outdoor green space centered around an artificial Laguna, where small yachts will be coming in from the Yacht Club passage, the apartment balconies will offer uninterrupted views over the Black Sea and the historic part of Old Batumi.