About Silk Development

Silk Development is responsible for the management of all projects within the Silk Road Group. The list includes Radisson brand hotels in Tbilisi, Batumi and Tsinandali, as well as the “Park Hotel” in Tsinandali, Tsinandali Estate Villas, a multifunctional complex “Republic”, the “Iveria Beach Club”, a night club “Noble Savage”, the café “Iveria”, sport complex “Neptune” and residential complex “Green Cape Botanico”. 

Silk Development is a subsidiary of Silk Real Estate. Silk Real Estate’s portfolio boasts assets valued at an estimated 900 million GEL. Since 2005, Silk Road Group has invested up to one billion USD in Georgia’s economy. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide premium quality developments that meet the highest international standards. We collaborate with the most reputable construction and architectural partners employing nothing but the highest-quality materials and construction.

Each project is about creating community and memorable experiences. Our spaces connect residents with their natural surroundings and encourage social connections through wellness, fitness and entertainment activities available across all our locations.

Through vibrant greenery and careful design, we also ensure that the surrounding environment is reflected and enhanced by our buildings. Local research shapes our design choices to preserve a location’s historical background while adding innovative touches.

Our holistic approach ensures that our projects are not just beautiful, but also contribute to society, the environment, mind and body.


Beyond new projects, Silk Development has also made significant contributions to the preservation of Georgia’s cultural heritage.

Since 2008, the Silk Road Group has been the patron of the iconic Alexander Chavchavadze House Museum and complex in Tsinandali, investing over 12m USD in its restoration and preservation. Over 100 exhibits have been restored and more than 500 have been acquired. The Tsinandali Festival, a classical music event promoting the region as the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has been hosted here since 2019.

In the near future, we also plan to rebuild and renovate the Adjara region’s two most important historic buildings – the Bariatinsky and Sibiriakov estates. While preserving the classical framework of the buildings, contemporary stylistic touches will feature in its interior. As with our other projects, we will strive to develop modern-day projects whilst honoring a location’s historical background and heritage.